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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to prepare our students to be Engaged, Educated, and Empowered global citizens.

Our vision

St. Paul American School Hanoi develops students into self-motivated, critical-

thinkers. We guide our students to become adults with integrity and strong moral character. Our students emerge as compassionate and responsible

global citizens who value diversity.

We expect our students to achieve the highest quality of learning and maximize their individual potential. We hold high expectations and engage in an inquiry-based approach. Our students collaborate to improve their critical and creative thinking, ability to work effectively with others, and communicate in clear, concise, and compelling ways. This approach facilitates informed decision-

making and problem solving. 

Students recognize their strengths and address their challenges with focus and

determination. Students manage their behaviors by making responsible

choices. They build relationships through a wide range of interactions. We provide an environment that promotes social-emotional learning by teaching the importance of character, relationship building, appreciation of diversity, and community building. We not only have respect for human dignity, we also expect our students to become stewards of the environment. Our students are prepared, engaged, and empowered to contribute to a successful future.


Our Core Values

Global Citizenship

The roles and responsibilities we all have in making our world a better place for everyone. 


Doing what is right, even when no one is watching. 

High Expectations

Constantly challenging ourselves to do our best. 


Working together to meet a common goal.

Critical and creative thinking

Skills our students need to be successful

Clear communications

Keeping our school community informed

Safe environment

Where all students feel safe and valued


Because it's important to understand how others think and feel

Our Campus


Our campus is located right outside of Hanoi on a spacious 15 acres of land. 

The school is intentionally designed to optimize student learning at all levels and to ensure a safe, nurturing and engaging school experience.

Features of our campus: 

  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Tennis courts and soccer fields
  • 2 swimming pools 
  • And the very only baseball field in Hanoi!

With our beautiful facility, and plenty of green space, St. Paul's campus is a welcoming home to all of our students, families, and staff.

Our Accreditation & Memberships

Accredited by AdvancED

St. Paul Hanoi has been operational since 2011, accredited by AdvancEd, one of the leading International School accrediting agencies.

Recognized by universities around the world as a standard of academic excellence, the AP program is offered with a number of AP courses in St.Paul American School Hanoi.

Acting as a testing center for AP exam, we offer our students AP exams annually.

With qualifying AP Exam Scores, our students can earn credit, advanced placement, or both at the majority of colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and over 20 other countries.


Our Faculty & Staff

All teachers and staff that make a great team!