The Arts

Mr. Stephen Bucheit

Elementary Music Teacher

Ms. Stacey Barta

MSHS Music Teacher

Mr. Sean Costello

MSHS Drama Teacher

Mr. Tony Nguyen

High School Art Teacher

Ms. Sharmila Majumdar

Middle School Art Teacher

Ms. Raquel Cruz

Elementary Art Teacher



The elementary music program revolves around the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, perseverance, and cultural awareness. All students in grades K-5 receive standards-based music instruction based on the National Core Arts Standards (USA). Students create, perform, respond to, and connect music with other disciplines through a variety of experiences. In addition to the general music program, students have the opportunity to further develop their skills in extracurricular course offerings such as ukulele, keyboarding, and instrumental music. 


The secondary music program is comprised of our St. Paul Sound music team which includes two levels – SPASH & EAGLES. SPASH consists of beginners and early learners and EAGLES for higher musically proficient students. Within the St. Paul Sound Team there are SPASH Band, SPASH Guitar, EAGLES Band, EAGLES Guitar, Choir and Show Choir. Our SPS Team have competed and won on international levels through the “Music in the Parks” in Anaheim, California!


Elementary Art

The Elementary visual arts program is offered to all students in grades PreK to 5th grade.  The program is based on the National Core Arts Standards (USA) and instruction focuses on supporting students learning as they engage in the process of creating art, responding to artworks, presenting their artwork to others, and making connections between works of art and other art disciplines. Students are encouraged to explore and gain competency in a variety of 2-D and 3-D media as well as understand the elements of art and principles of design. There is a focus on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, perseverance and cultural awareness throughout the program.  Some highlights of the program include collaboration with the music showcase concerts, creation of artwork to celebrate local cultural traditions such as Lunar New Year and Tet and the end of the year art show. In addition, to the general art program, students have opportunities to further develop artistic skills through extracurricular course offerings such as sewing, origami, and arts and crafts as part of the Beyond and Beyond plus programs. CLICK HERE FOR ES ART SITE.

Secondary Art

Students participating in the secondary visual arts program will engage in learning about the elements and principles of design as a basis for compositions created in class. Students will explore a variety of artists, art processes and materials such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and two and three-dimensional design. In addition, students will learn how to reflect on and critique their own art and the art of their peers and will have the opportunity to display their artwork for the St. Paul community. Students will also learn about the benefits of using their own works of art to help provide assistance to struggling communities in Vietnam and elsewhere by organizing and participating in charity events throughout the school year.  


Elementary Drama

Elementary drama partners with Drama Notebook and performs several plays throughout the year. To find out more about Drama Notebook, visit their website

Secondary Drama

The St. Paul drama program, now in its second year of operation, is an immersive, multifaceted experience for students who have an interest in theatrical arts.  The program is performance based, with students bringing a variety of productions to life on stage for the enjoyment of the St. Paul community and beyond.  In the classroom students are involved with every aspect of the shows: they select scripts or write their own, design and/or create props, costumes, and sets through utilization of the school’s newly added STEAM lab, design publicity posters and programs, and serve as student directors and stage managers.  As the program grows, elements of sound and lighting design are being incorporated into the experience.  In its first year the program provided three mainstage performances for the community: Hooway for Wodney Wat, Us and Them, and 12 Angry Jurors.  With the addition of a middle school level course, the number of shows is expected to double.