Meet Our Team

American elementary school teachers work closely with Vietnamese class aids to create a wonderful primary education for young learners. The international principal has great experience in education and is always available for feedback. The primary education is the foundation of a successful academic experience, and this team creates a positive learning environment.

Ms. Kimberly Marantos

Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Hang Ho

ES Principal Secretary

Ms. Leialoha Van Patter

ES Learning Support

Ms. Joanne Kim

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Elizabeth Hoare

Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Kristina Jenkins

Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Toni Wood

Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Melissa Ray

Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Sarah Bash

Grade 3 Teacher

Mr. Kentaro White

Grade 3 Teacher

Mr. Russel Shaw

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Erin Frank

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Caitlin McMorrow

Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Clare Bondi

Grade 5 Teacher

Mr. Wade Arthur de Reuck

ES SPELL Coordinator

Ms. Alessia Rizzo

ES SPELL Teacher

Ms. Sophie Faylor

ES SPELL Teacher

Mr. Jeff Beard

ES SPELL Teacher

Mr. Stephen Bucheit

ES Music Teacher

Mr. Tom Starobynski

ES PE Teacher

Ms. Raquel Cruz

ES Art Teacher

Ms. Phuong Hoang

ES Vietnamese Teacher

Ms. Hien Dao

TA for Grade 1

Ms. Thuy Tran

TA for Grade 2

Ms. Nhung Nguyen

TA for Grade 2

Ms. Lap Pham

TA for Grade 2

Ms. Nhung Pham

TA for Grade 3

Ms. Phuong Vu

TA for Grade 4

Ms. Lan Le

TA for G5

Mr. Toan Nguyen

TA for Grade 5

Ms. Giang Nguyen

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Ha Chu

Teaching Assistant