Tuition Fees

How much does St. Paul Cost

Tuition pays for an enriching educational experience for our students. A pristine beautiful campus is well-maintained, organized, abiding by all regulations, and secure with our plentiful support staff. We attract high-quality educators from the United States and Europe with enticing compensation packages. They provide engaging lessons to develop critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and prepare students to succeed in studies abroad and global careers. A great investment in education pays dividends.

Parents of students enrolled at St. Paul Hanoi are required to pay tuition fees as detailed in the Tuition and Fees Schedule. Parents have the option of paying fees annually in advance, on a semester or quarterly installment basis.
The application and Assessment fee of 4,220,000 VND is payable before admission. The Enrollment fee of 22,100,000 VND can be paid with tuition payments.

Application and Assessment Fee

4,220,000 VND

(paid upon application)

Enrollment Fee

22,100,000 VND

(to be paid within 5 working days of the official Letter of Acceptance)

Payment Schedule Options

We want to work with families to find the right payment schedule for them. We are flexible with how tuition is paid.

Full Year Payment

Option 1

Due July 15th, 2024

Best Value – No processing fees

Semester Payment

Option 2

Due July 15th and December 16th, 2024

3% Processing Fee

Quarter Payment

Option 3

See Schedule for Due Dates

4% Processing Fee

Tuition Fees for 2024-2025

Full payment (VND) Semester payment (VND) Quarterly payment (VND)
  1st (50%) 2nd (50%) 1st (35%) 2nd (25%) 3rd (25%) 4th (15%)
  3% Processing fee 3% Processing fee 4% Processing fee 4% Processing fee 4% Processing fee 4% Processing fee
Kindergarten 443,610,000 228,500,000 228,500,000 161,480,000 115,340,000 115,340,000 69,210,000

Grades 1-5

628,330,000 323,590,000 323,590,000 228,720,000 163,370,000 163,370,000 98,020,000
Middle School
Grades 6-8
685,820,000 353,198,000 353,198,000 249,640,000 178,320,000 178,320,000 106,990,000
High School
Grades 9-12
740,120,000 381,162,000 381,162,000 269,410,000 192,440,000 192,440,000 115,460,000
Due date July 15, 2024 July 15, 2024 Dec 16, 2024 July 15, 2024 Sep 27, 2024 Dec 16, 2024  Mar 11, 2025

Additional Fees

Other fees to consider are school bus fees, lunch, after-school programs, and other fees related to specialized classes (e.g. musical instrument lessons).

School bus fee:

Safe, clean, and punctual transportation is provided by the school for an additional fee. Students can sit back and relax to and from school, and parents have a convenient transportation option for their children. Our buses drive all over the city of Hanoi to provide any student transportation for school and some after-school activities.

Lunch fee:

A nutritious and plentiful lunch is provided every day. Students get to choose from Asian or Western lunch options. 

Miscellaneous expenses:
Students may incur costs during the school year that are not outlined in the Tuition and Fee Schedules such as school uniform, musical instrument (repair fee if necessary). St. Paul Hanoi will do their best to inform parents of the cost in time.

Where specially hired staff are required to support students with special educational needs throughout the
day, the professionals are hired and paid for by the parents directly

After School Programs
● Admission charges to rented sports facilities are included in the tuition fees.
● Overnight or extended trips away from St. Paul Hanoi carry additional fees:

    • Academic-Scholastic activities
    • Cultural enrichment trips
    • Athletic events

Flexible Payment Plans - Talk to Us

Find out more about flexible tuition options for you and your family.Tell us about your situation and lets discuss if St. Paul is the right school for you.