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The SPASH Vision for Technology

Technology at SPASH enables rich learning experiences to improve collaboration, creativity, and productivity in our learning environments.  To support the SPASH mission statement, we use technology to engage and educate students to become empowered global citizens who are adaptable to change.  


Technology should:

  • Be accessible to all as a tool to support learning
  • Help to boost learning and achievement
  • Connect subject matter to real-world examples
  • Foster global learning opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate and communicate with others around the world
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Be integrated into our daily lives to provide a variety of digital solution

Devices and Technology in the Classroom

At St. Paul American School, every student has access to technology.  Students in grades K-5 attend Technology classes as part of their specials rotations. Technology is embedded into our secondary classrooms through our Bring Your Own Device Program.  The adoption of the International Society for Technology in Education  (ISTE) Standards for Students is the driving force behind how we strive to empower our students to foster creativity and encourage learning.

  • K-2:  teachers have access to shared iPads.
  • 3-5:  students share a variety of laptops and Chromebooks.
  • 6-12:  students bring their own device (BYOD) – see the BYOD Requirements


We are a G Suite for Education School which means students in grades 3-12 have access to all of the apps that come with their St. Paul American School student Gmail accounts. All students and faculty adhere to the guidelines outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy Grades 3-12

iPad Pledge for K-2 Students

Mrs. Lisa Hughes, IT Director

Our Director of Technology, Lisa Hughes has been here since 2018. In her professional career that spans 17 years working in international schools, Lisa has been a classroom teacher and held leadership roles related to educational technology.  In her current position as Technology Director, she manages a team of IT Staff and all aspects of technology and infrastructure to support students and teachers at St. Paul American School.