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Quotes from St. Paul Parents

“There is great relationship between leadership, teachers, students, and parents. The amenities are great. The food is great. The expectations are high. My children have fun in class. There are many special, unique, fun events and celebrations. Leadership and teachers are open to feedback and willing to make changes and take risks in order to better themselves and their students.”

“The best school environment in Hanoi.”

“The location of St. Paul as well as its surroundings is a strength. It’s very quiet and safe, just the way that a school should be.”

Welcome to

St. Paul American School Hanoi

St. Paul American School Hanoi strives in helping students develop into self-motivated, critical thinkers. We guide our students to become adults with integrity and strong moral character and emerge as compassionate and responsible global citizens of the world.

Our classroom and educational environment at St. Paul Hanoi ensures students gain exposure and mastery towards well-established curricular standards that include, but are not limited to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics and NGSS for the Sciences with a school-wide focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), allowing students to engage in authentic, meaningful and cross-curricular experiences throughout the school day. Additionally, a variety of AP (Advanced Placement) courses are offered in high school, providing a world-class college and university preparatory program for all of our students.

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  1. MS: MAP Testing

    October 19 - October 23
  2. HS: MAP Testing

    October 26 - October 30
  3. Halloween Fundraiser

    October 28
  4. Report Cards Due (Elementary)

    October 30