Teacher-Led Professional Development

Teacher PD March 24

Teacher professional development sessions put on by collegues twice a year. Learning strategies, expat living, and technology are explored.

Teacher professional development for visible teaching strategies, artificial intelligence, and financial advice

March 2024

For the Spring professional development sessions, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) was at the top of many minds and how it can be used as a teaching aide. Teaching topics also explored discussions about how students learn. For the expat lifestyle, topics covered financial tools and advice for how to manage money and life insurance in Vietnam. 

Thank you to Mr. Josh, Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Ethan, Mr.Steven, Mr.Bob, Mr.Kevin, Mr. Patrick, Mr. Shiers, Ms.Melissa, Ms.Lei, Ms.Lauren, and Ms. Carly for being our educational leaders!


Topics of March 2024 teacher professional development sessions included:

Phonics Workshop

 In a phonics training for teachers, they will acquire essential skills to effectively teach reading and writing. They will learn about the systematic connection between letters and their corresponding sounds, as well as various strategies to help students decode and recognize words. Additionally, they will explore methods to enhance phonemic awareness and improve overall literacy development in a fun and engaging manner.

Visible Thinking Routines

Help participants experience visible thinking and learning routines in a classroom setting. Visible learning and thinking routines provide a window into the minds of our scholars. During this session, attendees will learn about teacher moves that help to promote visible thinking and learning as well as have time to discuss how these routines can fit into their own classroom setting.

The Psychology of Learning

Learning can be defined in many ways, but most psychologists would agree that it is a relatively permanent change in behavior that results from experience. In this session I will hit some high points on research into what is most effective for memory retention and student motivation as well as delving into different learning styles. The format will be a mix of lecture and activities that apply the ideas.

Managing Money in Vietnam

This session is primarily for people who expect to be in Vietnam for at least a couple years and want to learn more about ways to manage their money while living here. Topics will include interest-earning savings accounts, easy payments, sending money home, options for receiving your salary, health insurance perks, life insurance, and real estate. This will primarily be lecture format but with lots of opportunities for questions.

Expat International Educator important topics

Teachers will learn information on things to think about regarding keeping their expat life on track while overseas. Additionally, some important things to keep current as they live life abroad. Topcis include Finances, Important Documents, Taxes, Retirement, Stateside Logistics, Educator Credentialing, etc. This is focused mainly on USA issues.

Student Names: How To Pronounce Them Correctly and Why It Matters

In this short lecture and no-shame workshop, we will discuss the benefits of pronouncing your students’ names correctly and receive a crash course on Korean / Vietnamese name pronounciation. Then, we will break out our class rosters and practice together. Ooo! Interactive!

A.I. Writer's Toolbox

Writer’s Toolbox is an adaptive AI writing program designed to help students at all levels and in all subjects master writing without doing the work for them. This progam is useful for all subjects and all grade levels, and I will be giving a demonstration of how my 9th grade students have been using it and how it can be used across a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.

Effective Team Meetings

Attendees will be presented with ideas about how to have open, effective meetings. My goal is to provide strategies on how to structure meetings, how to connect to the room, and how to transfer these concepts to the classroom.

A.I.: Your Time-Saving Ally

Attendees will gain insights into practical strategies for integrating AI in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning, and simplify their workload.

Teacher professional development for behavior recognition, community nurturing, and positive life skills

September 2023

School administrators and several teachers lead a series of professional development (PD) sessions for all staff. In addition to the PD sessions that each teacher seeks individually, this opportunity gave them a chance to learn more about each other’s teaching style. Topics covered included using science and artificial intelligence (AI) to teach young children, understanding differentiation and behavior strategies, learning Vietnamese as a foreigner, and more.

Our collegues had a great time getting to know each other a little bit better. Learning points from these sessions can be carried into classrooms and in life to improve the learning environment for our students.

Thank you to Mr. Russel, Mr. Ethan, Dr. Moo, Mr. Robert, Mr. Justin, Mr. North, Mr. Shiers, Ms. Lei, Dr. Star, Ms. Annie and Pop for being our educational leaders!


Exploring teacher development September 2023 sessions included:

Cultivating Community

Join us for an engaging session diving deep into cultivating community in the classroom. Through storytelling and looking into the research, participants will walk away with a fresh perspective and tools to engage students through community building.

Executive Functions

Executive functions are essentially the building blocks for completing all tasks in life (in school and beyond). Learn about the Executive Function Skills and how to support their development in the classroom.

Positive Discpline

Discussing the basic principles of Positive Discpline, as well as sharing some strategies to help build community and a sense of belonging within the classroom that encourages all students to feel empowered and take ownership of their own learning.

Differentiation and Behavior Strategies

We will discuss how we determine when a student may require interventions/differentiated instruction and how to implement those strategies (academic and behavior).

Using Science to Differentiate for and Support Multiple Subject Areas

I want some time-tested and fun science-related project/activities that can be used to spark not only students’ interest in science, but also serves as segues into writing, reading, math, or general think and share discussions.

Utilizing technology AI to improve pedagogy and student performance

My objectives would be to demystify AI, show how AI can help us as teachers, show ways to prevent and/or identify students using AI, and show ways students can ethically use AI, among other things. I would ask teachers to bring their devices with them for a hands-on look at some of the tools available and how to best use them.

Resume Tips, Tricks, and Feedback

This session is for anyone looking to update their resume, whether you are planning to job hunt this year or not. I will do a brief presentation on some key things Administrators look for and what you should be looking at when updating your resume. Things to put in and to leave out. Feel free to bring a copy of your current resume in either print or digital form and I will try to give some quick feedback to everyone who has their resume there.

Behavior Intervention Strategies

The RULER behavior system is a social-emotional learning (SEL) program developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. It is designed to help students understand and manage their emotions, build relationships, and make responsible decisions. By the end of this professional development session, participants will be able to: Define the four components of the RULER behavior system, explain how the RULER behavior system can be used to improve student behavior and social-emotional learning and identify strategies for implementing the RULER behavior system in their classrooms.

The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Vietnamese Good

The purpose of the session is to help staff who are newer to Vietnamese language, or just don’t understand how to pronounce it, to connect Vietnamese sounds to those they already know from the English language. By the end of the session, they will hopefully be able to read and pronounce many of the consonants, vowels, and tones more accurately. This will be done through a mix of explanations and practice. Leave your shame and self-consciousness at the door.

Teacher professional development for teaching strategies and advanced technology

March 2022

Every Wednesday when students go home at 2:15 p.m., SPASH teachers participate in a variety of professional development opportunities to improve their skills. Last week, our teachers took on expert roles and shared their knowledge with the rest of the staff.

Thank you to Corey Gagne, Hannah Stobaugh, Patricia Bravo, Lewis McLean, Sage Abbey, Josh Langenbach, Stephen Bucheit, and Henry Abbey for being our educational leaders!

Topics of these professional development sessions included:

  • Using educational technology
  • Meeting students’ individual needs
  • Variety of behavior management styles
  • Interesting teaching strategies