Welcome home, Eagles!!

This chilly winters day was full of warmth and smiles at St. Paul, as students in Grades 1-12 finally had the opportunity to return to campus today. Students have been following St. Paul’s Online Learning Program since May 2021, when the Hanoi People’s Committee enforced city-wide school closures to aid in the prevention of the...
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Supporting Your Child’s Transition Back To School

As a community, we are faced with a new challenge: adjusting to the upcoming transition back to the traditional school setting. This can feel both daunting and relieving after engaging in online learning over the past few months. No one knows exactly what this transition will look like in regards to our students’ mental health...
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Talking with your child about Corona Virus

Tips: Talking With Your Child About Coronavirus

You might be wondering if it is appropriate to talk with your child(ren) about the coronavirus. Some questions might include: are my children too young to learn about the coronavirus? Will I make my child more scared or worried if I talk with them about the virus? What if they ask me a question that...
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 Supporting Transitions: Information for Parents

Whether you are beginning or ending your time at St Paul American School Hanoi, your child is facing a transition: a new school; a new country; a new educational institution; or even a new grade. This article provides some information to help you to support your child through upcoming transitions. What are the stages involved...
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