Art Charity 2022

Last Friday, our Middle School and High School students hosted their annual Art Charity where they sold their festive artwork for local charities in Hanoi. Over 29,000,000 VND has been raised to Hanoi Pet Adoption and Hope Box. Thank you to everyone who helped make the event possible and to those who came to help...
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Middle School Ink Club

Middle School Art students had a great opportunity to work on a collaborative painting project, inspired by the Sumi Ink Club. Students rotated between artworks every 10 minutes, adding their own personality to each design. The Sumi Ink Club was established in 2005 by artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. The “club” was created as...
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New Secondary Art Installations

We are celebrating the fantastic work of our brilliant Secondary artists, with two new art installations on the school campus.We now have a fantastic exhibit of mandalas hanging in the school reception lobby, created by Ms. Wayland’s High School Visual Arts students. The mandalas are so intricately detailed, clearly illustrating the time and talent required...
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