College Advisement

At St. Paul, we employ a dedicated full-time College and Career Counselor, who works closely with our students and their families to discuss aspirations and future goals. Advice is provided about decision-making and steps toward college applications, and career advice is also offered. In the months and years leading up to the application stage, our College and Career counselor attends regular meetings with High School students, with the sole focus of creating a stress-free, understandable, and informative decision-making process. St. Paul students and their families are encouraged to reach out to our counselor at any time to ask questions, request information, or seek guidance. 

Mr. Gus Marantos


Our 2023 Graduates in Numbers:

AP Score
AP Score of
3.0 or above
Achieved the
highest AP Exam
Score of 5 over 22 subjects

St. Paul American School Hanoi provides the challenging academic environment and empowering leadership opportunities that universities around the world look out for. Our students are already one step ahead of the rest.

48 students of class of 2023 received college acceptances from 128 universities around the world.