SPASH Student receives Perfect AP exam score

The American education at SPASH offers students amazing opportunities to impress esteemed higher education institutions worldwide. In addition to teaching students great knowledge to help them succeed academically, SPASH also gives every student a chance to strengthen their creativity and critical thinking to advance their talents!
Bao Linh is a Grade 12 student at SPASH. She was one of many high school students who did well on a recent AP exam. More significantly, she actually scored a perfect apex in AP Art!
“I was super happy when I found out about the result,” says Bao Linh. “I then celebrated with my family, my friends were so happy for me as well!”
Bao Linh claims that the ability for candidates to edit their work to ensure the greatest version of the end product is what sets AP Art apart from other AP tests and makes it so unique. In order to bring everything together, entries must also include a theme for the student portfolio. Doing well in AP Art requires a great deal of work as well as a great deal of passion and creativity. And Bao Linh was able to accomplish it!
Speaking of upcoming AP tests, Bao Linh expresses her hope that she and her friends will perform well.
“I hope they (her friends) will do even better than me,” she smiles.
At SPASH, high school students can improve their language, art, music, math, social studies, and science skills by enrolling in a range of AP courses. Additionally, we give students the option to take any accessible AP examinations. Please visit our website at or send an email to to speak with Mr. Gus Marantos, our College & Career Counselor and AP Coordinator, for additional information regarding AP tests and our college preparation programs.

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