Mr. Justin Garza

HS Science Teacher


Mr. Garza is excited for his 3rd year at SPASH and looking forward to his new role as a high school Biology teacher. As a student athlete at Occidental College, Los Angeles he studied Economics and Kinesiology. He recently earned his Master’s in Education, Teaching Multilingual Learners. After working in healthcare staffing and recruiting, he made a career change, and in 2015, moved to Seoul, South Korea to become an ELL teacher. After living in Seoul for 5 years working as an ELL teacher, he decided to move to Hanoi to teach at SPASH. He believes in creating a strong classroom environment where students of all cultures, backgrounds, and native languages can collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. With his background in teaching ELL, Mr. Garza hopes to be able to make Biology more accessible to students of various language abilities. He aims to build students’ foundational skills which will help them succeed at SPASH as well as their future academic or professional careers. Mr. Garza will be coaching baseball this year and enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Bachelor's degree in Economics and Kinesiology, Occidental College, Los Angeles, U.S.
  • Master’s degree in Education, Teaching Multilingual Learners, U.S.