Dr. Myong 'Moo' Eiselstein

Executive Director


Dr. Myong Hwan “Moo” Eiselstein is the Executive Director and Elementary School Principal for St. Paul American School Hanoi. He is from the state of Virginia in the United States. He has earned Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education in Elementary Literacy, Education Specialist in Leadership and Doctor of Education in Leadership degrees. Dr. Moo was previously an elementary teacher before becoming an administrator as an Elementary Principal, High School Principal and Executive Director.

Dr. Moo is married to his wife Dee and they have two children: Jade will be a Grade 3 student this year and Evan will be in Grade 2.

In his free time, Dr. Moo enjoys reading, playing Star Wars online and studying leadership in other organizations.


  • Bachelor's degree in Sociology
  • Master's degree in Business Administration, Elementary Literacy
  • Doctor of Education in Leadership degrees
  • Education Specialist in Leadership