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Parent Group

PAL (Parents Are Leaders)

✫What is PALs?

Parents As Leaders (PALs) is a St. Paul American School Hanoi (SPASH)-based group for parents of currently enrolled students attending our school. All parents are considered PALs and there are opportunities for some parents to take on more involved roles as either Community Reps or Principal Reps. Community Reps help stay involved with school events, activities, and fundraisers while Principal Reps help work between the principals and other families to provide school feedback for improvements. The PALs group overall is a great way to empower parents and give them a voice and stay connected to the school for stronger relationships between SPASH and our families!

All PALs Meet:

  • 1/quarter for Town Hall Meetings

PAL Reps Meet:

  • 1/month with Principals for Principals’ Meeting
  • 1/quarter with all PALs for Town Hall Meetings
  • 1/quarter with Marketing for Community Meetings

Find Out How to Join!

If you’re a current parent of a St. Paul Hanoi student, please email holly.teal.communication@stpaulhanoi.com to find out more about PALs and how to join!