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Features of our Elementary School

English Language Instruction

The St. Paul English Language Learner (SPELL) program is a unique experience for our English-learning students. It was designed to increase English proficiency and the knowledge of academic language of our English Language Learners (ELL) through the four domains of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The program is standards-based and it features both in-class support and separate small group instruction.

Specials Classes

In addition to the core subjects (English Language Arts, math, social studies and science), elementary students at St. Paul American School Hanoi also learn art, music, information technology (IT) and physical education (PE). Not only are these classes extremely engaging, but they are designed to meet all aspects of a student's development. 

These classes are offered on a rotational basis, where students receive instruction in each class every other day.


St. Paul Hanoi uses the Singapore math curriculum, which is published in the United States. The sequence of topics in Singapore math has been carefully constructed based upon child development theory. The means to mastery is problem solving, and the beauty of the approach is that the majority of students are well prepared to tackle increasingly difficult topics, such as fractions and ratio, when they are introduced in the third through fifth grades. Those students are also then typically ready for algebra and geometry in middle school.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is an interdisciplinary course aimed at increasing interest in science and  technology. It provides meaningful and engaging instruction by encouraging students to address real-world situations. This helps to  develop 21st century skills like collaboration and critical-thinking, which research shows are vital for future success. 

Welcome to our Elementary School

A Message from the Principal

Dear St. Paul Family and Friends,

Thank you for taking time to learn about our school through our website. Within these virtual "walls," you will find specific information regarding our curriculum, faculty, current student body, admissions process and more. As you peruse our website, I hope you notice a theme that includes:

  • An emphasis on our students: We are quite proud of our students and we aim to make their experience here both enjoyable and rewarding
  • Our commitment to our mission: Our mission drives everything that we do and it is something that we aim to accomplish every single day
  • A genuine desire to improve: Our students, faculty and school community deserve our very best, so we constantly seek improvement

If you do not find specific information that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love for the opportunity to talk to you about our school and community.


Myong Hwan "Moo" Eiselstein

Elementary Principal