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How to Get Started

First Admissions Steps

  1. Contact us (via email, inquiry form, phone call, etc.) & then Admissions Department will reach out to you & provide information, answer your questions, give a tour, etc.
  2. Complete the application* & provide supporting documents
  3. Your student must then complete & pass the Admissions Assessments that include English proficiency, Math, and provide academic records & letters of recommendation
  4. Your student will then do the Admissions & Principal Review to determine eligibility & school acceptance

*Application and Assessment Fee is 4.220.000 VND*

Important Enrollment Dates 2020-2021

Quarter start dates:

Quarter 1 August 28, 2020
Quarter 2 October 30, 2020
Quarter 3 January 22, 2021


*** Deadlines for application: Application will be closed at a minimum of 2 weeks before the starting date of each quarter.