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Welcome from Principals

Elementary Principal

Message from Elementary Principal, Mr. Myong ‘Moo’ Eiselstein

The elementary school at St. Paul American School Hanoi serves students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. The mission of our staff is to prepare our students for the next step in their personal journeys, whether they go on to our middle school or another location. We accomplish this by providing a rigorous curriculum that focuses on academic accomplishments and the social and emotional growth for each student.

Our students are valued, respected, and loved because we have a small community that is very much family-focused. We honor our students for who they are and this encourages innovation, collaboration, and teamwork.


Mr. Myong ‘Moo’ Eiselstein

Elementary School Principal

Message from Secondary Principal, Dr. David Trajtenberg

Across the entire Secondary School at St. Paul American School, students engage in rich learning experiences on their path towards becoming educated, engaged, and empowered members of a global community. Our middle school provides a safe and engaging environment for students to effectively transition from elementary school to high school by allowing them engaging experiences to explore their interest and further strengthen their identities as learners. As they prepare for entrance into top colleges and universities around the world, our high school students engages in rigorous and passionate discourse about a variety of topics aligned with their academic and personal interests.


Dr. David Trajtenberg

Secondary School Principal

Secondary Principal


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