Meet Our Team

Meet our International teachers, principals, and local staff

Middle School - High School Staff

Our secondary school consists of Middle School (grades 6 – 8) and High School (grades 9 -12). The programs are run by international teachers and leaders from the United States, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We rely on support from local Vietnamese staff in supporting roles in administration to provide a complete international education. Each member of our team has a unique perspective and great experience in academics.

TJ Shiers, High School Principal

Mr. TJ Shiers

High School Principal

Mr. John North

Middle School Principal

Ms. Huyen Vu

HS Principal Secretary

Ms. Tu Tran

MS Principal Secretary

Ms. Shannon McCartha

HS Math Teacher

Mr. Alex Maldonado

HS Math Teacher

Mr. Jesse Aguilar JR

HS Math Teacher

Mr. Alan Van Patter

HS Math Teacher

Mr. Josh Langenbach

MS Math Teacher

Mr. Collin Dwyer

MS Math Teacher

Ms. Joanne Park

HS Science Teacher

Ms. Alicia Drapkin

HS Science Teacher

Mr. Justin Garza

HS Science Teacher

Ms. Lindsay Vaughan

MS Science Teacher

Ms. Carly Kessler

MS Science Teacher

Mr. Steven Jenkins

HS Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Callie Rundhammer

HS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Toby Walker

MS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Cody Showalter

MS Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Shiers

HS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Ethan Blonder

HS Social Studies Teacher & Assistant Activity Director

Mr. Sean Costello

HS ELA Teacher

Mr. La Roi Williams

HS ELA Teacher

Mr. Robert Bowley

HS ELA Teacher

Ms. Macara Oshida

HS ELA Teacher

Mr. Philip Massaro

MS ELA Teacher

Mr. Kevin Saxton

MSHS SPELL Coordinator

Ms. Hannah Stewart

HS SPELL Teacher

Mr. Bradley Weeder

MS SPELL Teacher

Ms. Fiona McCarthy

MS SPELL Teacher

Ms. Larissa D’Avignon

MS SPELL Teacher

Ms. Lauren Thomson

HS SPELL Teacher

Ms. Annie Cadwell

HS Counselor

Mr. Corey Gagne

MS Counselor

Mr. Michael Popovich

HS PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Mr. Scott Cooper

MSHS PE Teacher

Ms. Patricia Bravo

MSHS Spanish Teacher

Ms. Xu Dan

MSHS Chinese Teacher

Ms. Lorraine Purzycki

MSHS French Teacher

Mrs. Trang Le

MSHS Vietnamese Teacher

Mr. Brian Murray

MSHS 3D Design Teacher

Mr. Tony Nguyen

HS Art Teacher

Ms. Sharmila Majumdar

MS Art Teacher

Ms. Stacey Barta

MSHS Music Teacher

Mr. Gus Marantos

College & Career Counselor | AP Coordinator

Ms. Yen Khong