SPASH student to attend Ivy league school summer program

SPASH student IVY league school
One of our many talented 11th-graders, Quoc Khanh Duong, is staying on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) this summer!
This July, Khanh will have a chance to take several Finance classes at UPenn as a part of their two-week summer program for outstanding high schoolers. According to Khanh, these classes will be equivalent to first-year college knowledge of Finance, meaning they will include essentials such as discussions about the stock market, banking, financial institutions, and more.
Khanh has always been passionate about Finance. He is looking forward to pursuing this major after his graduation. Being a part of a Finance summer program at a top-ranked university is a perfect way to help him get closer to his goal!
Fun fact: Khanh started to look into UPenn and its Finance program after watching the TV series, Suits. According to Khanh, his favorite character from the series went to the Wharton School of UPenn – one of the most prestigious business schools in the world!
UPenn is a great place for Khanh to visit also for personal reasons. He wants to explore the East Coast and visit his relatives who live nearby.
Success never rests, and neither does our ambitious student!
“And after I finish my summer program, I will apply for internships,” Khanh reveals his plans.
Last year, as a 10th grader, Khanh had a finance internship at SSI, one of the pioneer companies in the Vietnam stock market. During this time, he had a chance to focus and learn more about the stock market and trading. This year, he wants to dive more into the field of finance in Vietnam, alongside what he learned from UPenn.
Khanh is one of many of our students who are carefully guided and supported to explore academic strengths and passion very early on while studying at St. Paul Hanoi. We are very proud of our College and Career Counseling program and our students’ achievements on their way to pursue higher education. A big thank you to Khanh for a very insightful conversation and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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